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Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Danny Grody, and Jim Redd

What's new?

5 December 2007

Just in time for the holidays, several labels are offering deals on Tarentel releases. Until 18 December, the entire four-volume vinyl series Ghetto Beats on the Surface of the Sun is available from Music Fellowship for $33 ($53 to non-US addresses), a savings of $15. Meanwhile, Temporary Residence Limited -- which has released a significant percentage of Tarentel's back catalog, including the two-disc CD version of Ghetto Beats, and is also home to bands such as MONO, Explosions in the Sky, and the Drift (featuring Danny Grody) -- is in the midst of a buy-five-get-one-free sale. The sale lasts until the end of the year, but customers who order any number of items by 15 December will be entered into a drawing to win an 80 GB Apple iPod Classic loaded with MP3s of every TRL release.

A few months back, several members of the band participated in an interview that can be found here: http://andtheworldsmileswithyou.blogspot.com/2007/09/interview-tarentel.html. (Most of the blog is in Spanish, but this interview is presented in English.)

8 July 2007

This site just passed the seven-year mark. Thanks to Jim at theredtide.net for six years of webhosting.

Tarentel's previously vinyl-only series Ghetto Beats on the Surface of the Sun has been reissued on CD in a two-disc package by Temporary Residence Limited. All four volumes are still available on vinyl from Music Fellowship.

The band is slated to participate in the Tanned Tin festival in Castellon, Spain, 31 October to 4 November of this year. Other bands scheduled to appear include Acid Mothers Temple, the Sea and Cake, and Wolf Eyes, among others. Specific date and venue information will be posted as it becomes available. More information is also available in Spanish on the Tanned Tin website.

8 April 2007

First, some old news: All four volumes of Ghetto Beats on the Surface of the Sun are now available from The Music Fellowship. Also, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma released two solo recordings at the end of 2006 -- The Garden of Forking Paths, on Spekk, and Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair, on Static Caravan.

On to the new news:

A new Tarentel 7", Home Ruckus: Double-Sided Air, is out now on Type Records.

Though the Tarentel volume of Digitalis Industries' Bottled Smoke Series has yet to be released, the series is already sold out. The band will play at the companion festival in Los Angeles in May and also has a handful of Bay Area performances over the next few weeks:

15 April 2007 : San Francisco, CA : Greens Restaurant
benefit show for the San Francisco Zen Center (note: tickets for the evening are $200)

9 May 2007 : San Francisco, CA : Mighty
with Halou and a screening of GreenWorld video contest finalists
part of the San Francisco International Film Festival

24 May 2007 : San Francisco, CA: Hemlock Tavern
with Starving Weirdos and Xela

26 May 2007 : Los Angeles, CA : Mr. T's Bowl
with Heavy Winged, Starving Weirdos, Ghosting, Thousands, and Robedoor
part of the Bottling Smoke Festival, which will also include performances by
The Holy See (Jefre Cantu-Ledesma and Jim Redd) and The Alps (Jefre Cantu-Ledesma and others)

* * *

screenings of Paul Clipson's short film Watercolor Night Montage No. 7, which includes music by Tarentel
28 April 2007 : Berkeley, CA : Pacific Film Archive Theater
1 May 2007 : San Francisco, CA : Sundance Kabuki Cinema
part of the San Francisco International Film Festival
(note: these are film screenings only, no live music)

25 November 2006

Filmmaker Paul Clipson, who has been projecting his films at Tarentel shows for the past several years, will have a screening of his work, titled Celluloid Sketches & Watercolor Movies, at Artists' Television Access in San Francisco on 1 December. Tarentel will provide a live soundtrack to the last film of the evening.

Also in December: The third and fourth volumes of Ghetto Beats on the Surface of the Sun are available now for preorder and will ship in mid-December. Each record in the four-LP series is limited to 800 copies. See www.musicfellowship.com for ordering information.

3 October 2006

In conjunction with Temporary Residence's recent Big Baby Birthday Bash festival -- at which Tarentel played its first East Coast show in six years -- the label produced Tempset, a special remix/mashup disc mixed by Sybarite (Xian Hawkins). In addition to Tarentel, the disc includes material from labelmates Caroline, The Drift, Eluvium, Envy, Explosions In The Sky, Fridge, The Ladies, Lazarus, Miss Violetta Beauregarde, and MONO. Originally intended for festival-goers only, a handful of copies are for sale at www.temporaryresidence.com. If you want one, don't delay.

On a related note, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma has a new cassette tape (yes, that's the only format), Floating Weeds, out on Twonicorn. Your best bet is probably Aquarius Records in San Francisco, which got about half of the 90 available copies and describes the music like this: "super blissed out, ultra minimal drones, stretched out and darkly glistening, deep resonant tones intertwine into soft sonorous drifts of sound. Like staring at the sun with your eyes closed, a thick muted warmth that suffuses all your senses. So totally lovely."

Also, it's still a few months away, but the band is scheduled to provide a live soundtrack to F.W. Murnau's 1922 silent film Nosferatu on 25 January 2007 at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

18 September 2006

The first two parts of Tarentel's vinyl-only, limited-edition Ghetto Beats on the Surface of the Sun series are now available for pre-order from the Music Fellowship. The four-part series consists of studio and home recordings from the last year and a half. Each record may be purchased individually, or you can save a few dollars and order them together. See www.musicfellowship.com for ordering details.

26 May 2006

Tarentel plays the first of five California shows with Mono and Pelican tomorrow, 27 May, in San Diego. The full tour itinerary:

Saturday, 27 May : San Diego, CA : Casbah
Sunday, 28 May : Pomona, CA : Glass House
Monday, 29 May : Los Angeles, CA : Troubadour
Tuesday, 30 May : Sacramento, CA : Harlow's
Wednesday, 31 May : San Francisco, CA : Great American Music Hall

The band will be selling the last copies of its vinyl-only Home Ruckus, as well as the new Live Edits: Natoma, the first of a planned series of live CDs.

Also due out in the not-too-distant future: a 7" on Highpoint Lowlife and a series of four 12"s, titled Ghetto Beats on the Surface of the Sun, to be released by The Music Fellowship.

In other tour-related news, there is a 25-minute documentary, filmed during last year's Swiss tour, at tarentel.millefeuille.fr. The film combines performance footage and interview segments (with French subtitles). Thanks, Constantin.

Thanks to Jim at theredtide.net for five years of webhosting.

13 November 2005

Paul Clipson, whose films have accompanied Tarentel performances for the last few years, will have his work featured in a solo show at The Gallery of Urban Art in Emeryville, California. The exhibit, Films and Landscapes: Drawings, Films & Videos by Paul Clipson (see below for a sneak peek), opens Saturday, 19 November. The opening reception will include a film screening with a sound performance by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma. Three weeks later, on Friday, 9 December, Tarentel will perform at a benefit at the gallery, which donates 10% of sales proceeds to a rotating selection of HIV causes. A collaborative DVD is planned for release by the end of the year. (Paul's films and Jefre's music appear on the limited-edition Two Suns DVD; video clips and ordering information are available on the Root Strata site.)

Tarentel's Home Ruckus, another limited-edition Root Strata release, is no longer available directly from the label, but check your local indie record store or try San Francisco's Aquarius Records.

The Music Fellowship has announced plans to release a series of four Tarentel 12"s featuring music recorded over the past year.

Thanks to Jim at theredtide.net for four years of webhosting.

6 April 2005

Tarentel kicks off its two-week tour of Italy and Switzerland tomorrow, 7 April. The dates:

Thursday, 7 April : Torino, Italy : Supermarket : with Lule Kaine
Friday, 8 April : Bologna, Italy : Covo : with Like A Shadow
Saturday, 9 April : Milano, Italy : Jail : The Fog In The Shell
Sunday, 10 April : Verona, Italy : Gate 52 : with Stearica
Monday, 11 April : Ravenna, Italy : Csa Spartaco : with Stearica
Tuesday, 12 April : Castelfranco Veneto, Italy : Oficina di Buenaventura : with Stearica
Wednesday, 13 April : Massa Carrara, Italy : Baraonda : with Stearica
Thursday, 14 April : Pesaro, Italy : Teatro : with Stearica
Friday, 15 April : Pescara, Italy : Marahja : with Stearica
Saturday, 16 April : Salerno, Italy : Comunicativo Festival : with Stearica
Sunday, 17 April : Circolo Degli Artisti, Roma, Italy : with Stearica
Wednesday, 20 April : Lugano, Switzerland : Zion Live : with Stearica
Thursday, 21 April : Geneve, Switzerland : L'usine : with Tarwater
Friday, 22 April : Bern, Switzerland : Reithalle : with Tarwater
Saturday, 23 April : Genova, Italy : Milkclub : with Stearica

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma has launched his new record label, Root Strata. Its first three CDR releases are now available:

J.C. Ledesma : Voice Sutra
A single half hour track of voice, shruti box, percussion and electronics. 4 AM brain droppings mix well with acoustic vibrations.

The Alps : Jewelt Galaxie
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Alexis Georgopoulos (Tussle), and Scott Hewicker (Troll) drink green tea and go grubbing for food in the crack allies of San Francisco's Mission District.

The Holy See : Snowing Ash
Two thirds of Tarentel (Jim Redd, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma) document attempts at peeling back the veil and resonating till the early hours of the morning. An hour long foray into the sounds of body talk.

A Tarentel 12" and two Tarentel live discs are among future planned offerings. MP3s and ordering information can be found at www.rootstrata.com.

After several months of delay, The Ghost Weight EP is poised for release on Acuarela and should be available soon. Really.

20 March 2005

A pair of new EPs, Paper White and Big Black Square, were released by Temporary Residence on 1 March; the EPs were also released as a single disc in Japan by Human Highway Records.

The band plays the first of four California shows with Mono tonight in San Diego; Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Oakland will follow. All but the Oakland show will also feature Sleeping People, a San Diego-based band that includes former Tarentel bassist Kenseth Thibideau.

A two-week tour of Italy and Switzerland will begin 7 April in Torino, Italy.

16 December 2004

Positive press continues for Tarentel's new album, We Move Through Weather. The current issue of Entertainment Weekly (with Lindsay Lohan on the cover) mentions the band in its Download This section: "The golden days of autumn are ideal for basking in the subdued sound of San Francisco's Tarentel, who have posted a live version of 'Beat Song' that, well, can't be beat. tarentel.com/mp3s.html"

The January tour of Japan with Mono, preceded by a show in San Francisco, will be followed by a week's worth of California dates in March, also with Mono. See the Live page for complete details.

2 November 2004

It's an important day in America: Tarentel's new album, We Move Through Weather, hits stores today. And, oh yeah, go vote.

A number of positive reviews of the album have been added to the site. More will be added over the next few weeks.

The band is planning a week-long Japanese tour with Mono in January and a tour of Italy in April.

3 October 2004

Tarentel's new full-length album, We Move Through Weather, won't be in stores until 2 November, but it is now available for pre-order on both CD and double-vinyl. Temporary Residence is now shipping copies. Insound won't be shipping until closer to the street date, but they are currently offering 15 percent off (enter coupon code "tarentel15" at checkout); this discount is good until 16 November.

The band will also have copies at their upcoming show with Do Make Say Think and Charles Atlas at the Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco on 13 October.

There are also three completed-but-not-yet-released CD EPs due out later this year and early next:

Ghost Weight (Acuarela)
1. Natoma
2. Ghost Weight
3. Holy Throbs Of Silence
4. Every Possibility The Next Thing To A Certainty

Paper White (Temporary Residence Limited)
1. Isalais Straight
2. Open Letter To Hummingbirds
3. Golden State Overnight
4. Paper White

Big Black Square (Temporary Residence Limited)
1. Big Black Square

Speaking of forthcoming releases, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma will be contributing, under his Colophon moniker, to Conduction. Convection. Radiation., the upcoming third volume in the Triptychs series released by The Music Fellowship. Also on the disc, due out 26 October, will be tracks by 1 Mile North and The Wind-Up Bird.

28 July 2004

First, some updates to previous announcements:

Several changes have been made to the West Coast tour plans with Fly Pan Am and Mono. For reasons beyond the band's control, Tarentel is no longer scheduled to play Portland or Seattle. However, a San Diego show has been added to their itinerary. Note, also, that the Los Angeles show has had a venue change. See the Live page for all the current details.

The Acuarela EP has been pushed back until later this year. Temporary Residence has also announced a delay for the band's new full-length, We Move through Weather. Originally scheduled for an 5 October release, it will now come out 2 November.

Now, on to the new stuff:

Tarentel will perform this Friday, 30 July, at El Rio in San Francisco. Proceeds from the show will benefit Southern Exposure, a non-profit artists' organization located in San Francisco's Mission district.

Tarentel.com has been completely redesigned and now features MP3s of recent live performances.

The band has contributed a track to a CD/DVD package out now on Neurot Recordings. "Put It on the Ground" appears on the DVD, accompanied by film shot by Paul Clipson, who has been projecting his films at Tarentel shows for the past year.

The documentary The Weather Underground, which includes a portion of the Tarentel song "For Carl Sagan," is now available on DVD.

1 July 2004

This site recently celebrated its fourth anniversary. Thanks to Jim at theredtide.net for three years of webhosting.

Tarentel has several Bay Area shows planned for July, including a slot at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco this Friday, 2 July. This Fall, they will join Fly Pan Am and Mono for a series of West Coast dates, starting in Los Angeles on 30 September. See the Live page for more details.

Temporary Residence has released Thank You, a compilation featuring "Bell Jar," a Tarentel track exclusive to this release. The label is also scheduled release the band's new full-length album, We Move through Weather, on 5 October; a pair of EPs are planned for Spring 2005.

On 27 July, Acuarela will release its own compilation, Acuarela Songs 3, which includes the Tarentel track “Yangtze."

9 March 2004

The band has a few shows planned for the Spring – starting this Wednesday, 10 March, at El Rio in San Francisco – and plans to add a few more West Coast dates. See the Live page for more details.

After lengthy delays, The Great Vitamin Mystery [www.thegreatvitaminmystery.com] finally released For Jonathan on 2 March. Exclusive tracks from artists including Tarentel, Your Friend (featuring Danny Grody), The Album Leaf, and Her Space Holiday accompany a short film by Chris Bennett. Proceeds will benefit the Children's Inn at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD.

Temporary Residence [www.temporaryresidence.com] has announced a 6 May release date for Thank You, a compilation that will feature new tracks from Tarentel, Explosions in the Sky, Sonna (drummer Jim Redd's former band), Fridge, Howard Hello, Kilowatthours, and Sybarite, among others.

14 January 2004

This Friday, 16 January, the members of Tarentel will join Tony Cross to perform an improvised set under the Ambulance Ensemble moniker. The show will take place at 964 Natoma Street in San Francisco. Doors open at 8:30.

'Blue,' the first of a trio of color-themed releases on Dreams by Degrees [www.dreamsbydegrees.com], is now available. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma served as one of the project curators, and provides musical interludes as Colophon. Danny Grody appears as part of Your Friend, and former bassist Trevor Montgomery, aka Lazarus, contributes both a poem and a song.

30 November 2003

On 7 December, Tarentel will headline a show at Bottom of the Hill [www.bottomofthehill.com] in San Francisco. Also on the bill are Temporary Residence labelmates Explosions in the Sky and Lazarus (former Tarentel bassist Trevor Montgomery).

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma's contribution to Temporary Residence's Travels in Constants series, originally slated to be issued under the Joshua Torres moniker, will instead be credited to Colophon (the name he used for last year's Spring 10" on Dreams by Degrees).

Scheduled for early next year is the release of Thank You, a compilation on Temporary Residence celebrating the label's 50th release and eighth birthday. Tarentel, Explosions In The Sky, Sonna, Fridge, Howard Hello, Kilowatthours, and Sybarite, among others, will contribute exclusive tracks. Spain's Acuarela will be releasing a Tarentel EP in the Spring, and the band recently began work on an album that they hope to release on Temporary Residence next Fall.

22 September 2003

The West Coast tour planned for October has been postponed. However, the band has added a second San Francisco show: 17 October at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

20 August 2003

The Latency 12", part of Bottrop-Boy's En/Of series, is now available. The release, limited to a quantity of 100, also includes a signed photograph by Jonathan Monk. Contact Bottrop-Boy at info@bottrop-boy.com for more information.

An edit of the B-side, which is currently available for download at www.tarentel.com, also appears on Frisco Styles, a 48-track, two-disc compilation assembled by painter Chris Johanson in association with San Francisco's Jack Hanley Gallery and New York City's Deitch Projects.

A series of West coast shows is being planned for October. Details will be announced as they are confirmed, but current plans include shows in Portland, Seattle, Olympia and San Francisco.

The band's official website at www.tarentel.com has been updated to include a mailing list.

18 May 2003

The band has returned from a brief European tour. A tour diary can be found on the official site [www.tarentel.com].

Two dates have been announced for San Francisco:
27 May @ Café Du Nord [www.cafedunord.com], with The Curtains, Azalia Snail, Astral & Lazarus (former bassist Trevor Montgomery).
6 July @ Bottom of the Hill [www.bottomofthe hill.com], with The American Analog Set

A 12" EP entitled Latency is scheduled to be released in June as part of the En/Of series (Dutch for "either/or") [www.bottrop-boy.com]. The limited edition recording will be accompanied by signed artwork by Jonathan Monk.

15 February 2003

The official Tarentel website [www.tarentel.com] has relaunched, and the band has announced it's new, leaner lineup: Jefre Cantu, Danny Grody and Jim Redd.

Work has been completed on a new track for a compilation due out this Spring on The Great Vitamin Mystery [www.thegreatvitaminmystery.com]. The disc, a soundtrack for a film by Chris Bennett, also features Her Space Holiday, Early Day Miners, Tommy Guerrero, Unwed Sailor, Potomac Accord, Moon Pony, The Swords Project, Darin Gray, Jessica Bailiff, Wow and Flutter, Ativin, Dave Fischoff, Psalmanazar, Mikael Jorgensen, and Your Friend. An MP3 of the new song, "Wheel Within A Wheel" is available at tarentel.com.

Also on the horizon are a contribution to the EN/OF series [www.bottrop-boy.com], a collaboration with Stephan Matthieu [www.bitsteam.de], and a European tour in the Spring.

23 November 2002

Jim Redd of Sonna has joined the band on drums, replacing John Hughes.

The band recently completed a track for a compilation on The Great Vitamin Mystery.

A few subscriptions are still available for the Purposeful Availment series on Three Lobed Recordings. Six of the eight EPs, including Tarentel's have been released. Visit the Three Lobed Recordings website or send an e-mail to info@threelobed.com for more information.

The discography has (finally!) been updated and a number of new reviews have been added.

31 July 2002

The Drift (featuring Trevor Montgomery and Danny Grody) will begin a short West-Coast tour with Halifax Pier on 31 July at Rendezvous in Seattle. See the live page for more details.

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, who will perform at Kimo's in San Francisco on 4 August, has a new release on Dreams by Degrees under the Colophon moniker. The Spring EP, part of the Seasons series of 10"s, also features additional guitar by Danny Grody. Dreams by Degrees offers the following:

"spring features two new tracks, 'night falls on 15th street' and 'the bougainvillea at twilight', collecting field recordings, electronic pulses, piano keys and acoustic guitars to create lush soundscapes that both quiet and stir the imagination."

Preview "night falls on 15th street" at www.dreamsbydegrees.com/releases/spring.shtml

Spring is currently available for purchase from the Dreams by Degrees website and Aquarius Records in San Francisco (it will be stocked at the usual online stores by mid-August).

Jefre will also be working on the upcoming Blue and White compilations for Dreams by Degrees.

1 July 2002

In an effort to better organize the assets of the site, the architecture has been modified. This will likely impact any bookmarks or favorites to any page other than the introductory (hello my name is tarentel) page. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Live photos have been added (finally!) to the images page.

5 June 2002

See left for a sneak peak at the artwork for Tarentel's forthcoming EP in the Purposeful Availment series on Three Lobed Recordings (www.threelobed.com/tlr).

Ephemera: Singles 1999-2000 – which compiles the Looking for things, Searching for things EP, the Two Sides of Myself 7", and "The Waltz" from the Travels in Constants EP – is now available in stores. It is also available directly from the label (www.temporaryresidence.com) and is on sale at Insound (www.insound.com). Enter Coupon Code: tarentel02. The offer is good until July 15. Temporary Residence offers the following description:

"With every new release Tarentel have offered spellbinding proof that they aren't just musicians, they are also magicians. This collection most perfectly depicts the course of the band's four year history. Beginning with the slowly unfolding crescendos of "The Waltz" and "Looking For Things," and ending with the spacious tonal drifts of "Two Sides of Myself" and "Searching For Things." Not since their stunning debut album From Bone To Satellite has there been a Tarentel release that more accurately compliments their dynamic shifts and subtle nuances. Even as a collection of singles, it plays like a flawless album. Like magic."

Temporary Residence also still has a few copies of the Travels in Constants EP.

A new, but not terribly flattering, review of The Order of Things from Magnet magazine has been added to the reviews page.

Tarentel is scheduled to play at Bottom of the Hill (www.bottomofthehill.com) in San Francisco on Saturday, 15 June. Nina Nastasia and Drift will share the bill.

13 May 2002

A few updates on current and upcoming releases and one live note:

Though Ephemera, the singles compilation on Temporary Residence Limited (www.temporaryresidence.com), won't be available in stores until June 4, it is currently available via mailorder from the label.

Also now available on TRL are the final studio album from Rumah Sakit, Obscured by Clowns, featuring former Tarentel bassist Kenseth Thibideau. A vinyl-only Rumah Sakit live album on UK label Errol Records (www.errolrecords.co.uk) is available from TRL or from Sickroom Records (www.sickroomrecords.com). Howard Hello, featuring Thibideau and Wendy Allen – who sang on The Order of Things and toured with Tarentel during their Summer 2001 European tour – is also out now on TRL.

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma was originally scheduled to release the Summer 10" for the four-part Seasons series on Dreams by Degrees (www.dreamsbydegrees.com) under his Joshua Torres moniker. That release has been pushed up to Spring and is scheduled to be released in June under the name Colophon. Danny Grody contributes additional guitar to the recording. A Cantu-Ledesma remix appears on the Glider album Sand from Water on Where Are My Records (www.wherearemyrecords.net), and he has been enlisted by Sappington to remix "Airtight", one of the tracks from their Summer 10".

Cantu-Ledesma, Sappington, Loquat and The Autumns will be appearing in a Dreams by Degrees showcase at Bottom of the Hill (www.bottomofthehill.com) in San Francisco on 27 June.

1 May 2002

A bit of old news: Trevor Montgomery has rejoined the band, after leaving shortly before the 2001 European tour.

Jefre-Cantu Ledesma now has five MP3s available at www.8bitrecs.com.

The following recently appeared in SF Weekly:

Now you're cooking
From bubblegum to the main course
by Dan Strachota

Music to watch girls eat by
"Someone recently asked me for a list of albums that were good to fuck to. This is the kind of question I like -- not just because it's nerdy and salacious at the same time, but because it recognizes the importance of music. Some people don't care what sounds play in the background, whether they're screwing, daydreaming, or cleaning the house. I don't trust these people because, for me, there's a perfect album for every activity. If I'm in the mood for a good schtupping, I prefer something noisy and climactic, like Tarentel's From Bone to Satellite"

The whole article can be read here: www.sfweekly.com/issues/2002-04-24/pop.html/1/index.html

Pictures from the 17 April show at Great American Music Hall in San Francisco are available at:

The release of Ephemera, the singles collection on Temporary Residence (www.temporaryresidence.com) including tracks from the Two Sides of Myself 7" and the Looking for Things/Searching for Things 12", has been pushed back to 4 June.

A show is tentatively scheduled for June in San Francisco.

17 February 2002

A review of the Six String Object Festival, held this past December in San Francisco, featuring a performance by Joshua Torres (Jefre Cantu-Ledesma) and an installation involving Tarentel recordings, has been added to the reviews page.

Tarentel is scheduled to appear with Fridge and Explosions in the Sky on April 17 at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco.

9 February 2002

The Tonalism compilation on Pehr has been added to the discography.
A fakejazz interview by Daron Gardner has been added to the interviews page.
And a number of fakejazz reviews (Two Sides of Myself, Split with Lilienthal, The Order of Things, Mort Aux Vaches) have been added to the reviews page.

10 January 2002

Lots of new and upcoming releases and a deadline or two:


Staalplaat has just released another volume of their Mort Aux Vaches series, this one featuring a Tarentel radio session for VPRO from 2000.

Tonalism, a compilation on Pehr, includes a remix of "Steede Bonnet".

Tired of Standing Still, a double compilation on Highpoint Lowlife, features a Joshua Torres (aka Jefre Cantu-Ledesma) remix for Sappington, and tracks from Your Friend (featuring Danny Grody), Twilight Spy (John Hughes) and Air is the Fuel (featuring former bassist Trevor Montgomery), among others.


Tarentel – along with Mick Turner, Bardo Pond, Idyll Swords, Six Organs of Admittance, Tim Midgett (of Silkworm), Rachel's, The Shipping News and Shannon Wright – are scheduled to be a part of the upcoming subscription-only Purposeful Availment CDEP series on Three Lobed Recordings. Subscriptions to the series are $50. Full details are available from Three Lobed Recordings. The deadline for subscribing is 31 January 2002.

Joshua Torres is slated to contribute to the Travels in Constants 2 series on Temporary Residence Limited. Also scheduled to provide an EP to this series is former bassist Jeffrey Rosenberg, in the guise of Unbelievable Floating Lift. Subscriptions to the 12-EP series are still available for $70 but will be limited to 1000. TRL will also be releasing a Tarentel singles compilation, tentatively titled Ephemera, this Spring. They also have a few of Tarentel's EP from the first Travels in Constants series available for $8 (Canada add $2; Overseas add $4).

Joshua Torres is also scheduled to release Summer, the third of a four-part 10" EP series on Dreams by Degrees.

This Spring will also see the release by TRL of material from Howard Hello, the brainchild of former bassist Kenseth Thibideau and featuring Wendy Allen, who sang on "Ghostyhead" on Tarentel's The Order of Things and joined the band on their Summer 2001 European tour.

In other news... The band's mailing address has changed. Check the contact page for the new address.